Fun Torch

Fun Torch (S60 3rd & 5th) 1.01

Turn your phone into a flashlight


  • Nine colors
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Consumes lots of power

Getting caught out by a blackout is no fun. Not only can it be dangerous, it can also be very, very boring. If you don't have a candle to hand then you'd probably use your mobile phone to light the way in a power out. It isn't always that practical though, because the backlight normally switches itself off after a few seconds and you need to keep hitting the buttons to keep it alight.

Step forward Fun Torch (previously known as Best Torch), an app that turns your phone into a permanent flashlight. Simply launch the program, hit the center button and your screen will stay lit up for as long as you want (until the battery dies, at least).

There are nine different colored lights to choose from in Fun Torch, including white, black, red and green. Although white emits the most light, the other colors are useful because they reduce the length of time it takes your eyes to adjust to the darkness after the light goes out. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the light using the up and down arrow keys.

Be careful, because these kind of apps have a tendency to drain battery quickly, but Fun Torch might just save your life!

Fun Torch


Fun Torch (S60 3rd & 5th) 1.01

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